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save money and pay off debt

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do things simple, not perfect

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This site exists to provide helpful tips for home, money and time management. 

It’s not about DIY decor and gourmet meals. It’s about creating simple systems to make life easier! 

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You’ll find a collection of tips, tricks and hacks to help gain back time spent looking for keys, shoes, papers (aka that thing that’s never where you need it when you need it!)


Debt is a four letter word and I was deep in it. I had to painfully climb my way out of that hole and learned a ton in the process.  Hopefully, what I share here will help you get out of the debt trap faster than me! 


A place to find ways to improve our lives every day! The reason? So we can spend time where it REALLY matters… with the people we love and doing things we enjoy most. 

For me, that’s reading, writing, camping, coffee and time with my little family of 3!


Again, welcome to Home Money Habits!

It’s a privilege to serve you here.