We Have A Well Behaved Elf on the Shelf

well behaved elf on the shelf
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I very grudgingly gave in to the Elf on the Shelf last year.  My son had just turned 4.

Prior to that, my friends would complain about coming up with new, creative ideas for their elves.  They had been doing this for several years now with their children and kept pressuring me to join in on the “fun.”  

What?!?  I was not buying it.  A curious creature flying into our home and creating messes in my mind meant time and money during a season when both of those are pushed to the max.  

But I’m not completely a grinch!  

My friends also talked how much fun it was for their kids and how many memories were being made.  

True story- One of my friends had an elf that had to be rescued from a near fatal injury when his leg got a little too close to the light bulb on Christmas Day (thankfully, no children were present and the elf survived).  This clever mama took it to the local shoe repair place who made the little creature a new pair of boots, which only added to the mystery and excitement the following Christmas season.  I cannot help but smile when I think about this mama retelling this adventure to her grown children one day when she passes it on to them.  

While I’m not big on things that bring more work or stress into our busy schedule, I’m big on memories and it seemed that my friends were making lots of them (for better or worse) with that darn Elf on the Shelf.  

So I gave in.  

However, I decided our newest addition to the family would be a rule follower.  He would be well behaved with the exception of making us guess where he was going to hang out every day.  

Guess what?  

A simple game of finding that elf in the morning and the giggles that follow makes me so glad I did.  

Our well behaved Elf on the Shelf is bringing lots of smiles and memories just as those who have more (ahem) adventurous and high maintenance elves.  I’m okay with that!

Sharing is Caring