5 Dirty Little Tricks to Save Time on Cleaning & Laundry

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Some of the things we do around our home to keep things orderly and clean seem a little, well, dirty.

But in reality, once we started doing these things in our home, the only thing we asked ourselves was why we had not done them sooner!  Seriously, they save SO much time and keep our days on track.  

If you haven’t tried any of these things, do it for one week… you’ll never turn back!


Towels- Use the same one every day, wash it once a week

My husband and I were in a couples class with some newly-weds once and the wife was complaining that her husband would not adopt the one towel method and it was driving her crazy.  

She brought up so many valid points… you are clean after you bathe, it’s simple to let it dry and reuse, cuts down on laundry, etc.  She may not have sold her new husband, but she sold me!  

I put two over the door hooks in the bathroom, gave it a try for a week, and that’s been years ago. Game changer. 


Wear dress pants/sweaters twice before washing them

Sometimes I sit in a meeting all day long.  If I’m wearing freshly pressed pants or difficult to wash sweaters that day, I just hang those pieces back on the hook when I get home and save time and money (a few pieces are dry clean only).  

Unless there is a spill or it can’t pass the sniff test, this is really okay to do.  I promise.


Use other people’s trash cans

Better explain.  

All of us are busy, running here, there and everywhere.  Make it a habit to constantly put trash in the trash can here, there and everywhere.  

At the post office?  Toss the unwanted fliers in the receptacle before you ever go out the door.  Getting gas?  Toss any empty wrappers or cups from the car while you wait.  

It’s convenient and helps keep things tidy.    


Invest in a dust buster

We do multiple mini-vacuums throughout the week, especially with a young child.  

We keep our dust buster attached to the wall in the laundry room on the charger so it’s always ready to go.  We also use it in the car and the camper.  

It’s a small appliance that we definitely have gotten our money’s worth out of and one that we will replace when it no longer sucks:]  


Plastic seal wrap on the fridge shelves

I can thank my grandmother for this little trick.  I only replace it when there is a major spill or it’s time for a thorough fridge cleaning.  Otherwise, it wipes off easily and I barely notice it’s there.  

What tricks do you use for staying clean?  I’m all for anything to help cut down or simplify cleaning time and saving it instead for the things and people who matter the most!   




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