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Start with —-> Money Management Tips


Money mistakes you may be making that stops progress


Ultimate guide to better money management


Was going to a Dave Ramsey conference worth the money?


Yoga… for your money!?!


Books you can take to the bank (account)


The habits of millionaires (hint… they are not what you think!)


Money advice to those job-hopping millennials :]



Then focus on —-> Reducing Debt


THIS is what you have to do to finally get rid of debt


How to DIY debt freedom vision board


Get rid of these excuses and send your debt down the drain!


Getting your significant other on board when it comes to money


How do YOU get over keeping up with the Joneses?



Saving Money —-> is the result


Here is a 52 week money saving plan


Do these things to lower your power bill


How to do a one month no spend challenge


Save money, live better


Getting in and out of Wal-mart without spending $100


SFTF or YOLO, which is better?


A trip back to Mayberry for buyer’s remorse


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