Organization: Where Do I Start?

Getting Organized: Where do I Start?
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A common problem of not getting anywhere on the path to the simple organized lifestyle is not knowing where to begin.  The goals ahead seem too overwhelming and too time consuming on a schedule that is already full.  

If you want the simple organized lifestyle, you need to prioritize the problem areas.  Doing so will give you your starting point.

Do you spend most mornings looking for something to wear and then searching for the shoes to go with it?  Does this give you a hectic start to the day?  If so, then your starting place would involve two goals:

1- Getting your clothing and shoes organized.

2- Establishing an evening or weekend system of laying out clothing and shoes.

I have a friend who had a laundry area just big enough for the washer, dryer and some overhead shelving.  It quickly became a catch-all spot for just about everything from batteries to baseball bats. It was causing her much stress just to look at it every time she used the washer and dryer. So I helped her tackle that problem area one Saturday morning.  

We pulled everything out, purged the contents and placed everything else back neatly. When we had the project completed, she said “I feel like I can breathe easier!”  

What area of your home or life do you desire to “breathe easier?”  

Is it finding keys?  Is it having a more calm start to the day?  Is it meal planning?  

Once you have tackled and gained control over one of these problem areas, life will become more simple and less overwhelming.  


Sharing is Caring