Surround Yourself with Positive People

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Do you ever wonder how some people seem to stay fulfilled and positive all the time? It seems like life never throws curve balls their way!

The truth is everyone gets curve balls. People who live fulfilled lives and stay positive despite their circumstances share common characteristics.

It doesn’t mean they never get angry or sad or scared or experience negative emotions. They just find a way to take another step forward… to keep going… to live and learn.

If you surround yourself with people who share these traits, you’ll become one of them!

Who are these people who look on the bright side and maintain a positive attitude when life throws curveballs?

1. Positive people are grateful

Fulfilled people express daily gratitude. They are thankful.  They are grateful for the good things that happen and look for the silver lining in the bad things that happen.  

They may express gratitude through meditation, journaling or just quiet reflection. It doesn’t matter how, it just matters that it’s a daily practice. In essence, they control their thoughts and work on a healthy mindset.

Gratitude is being thankful for others and being thankful when you do positive things for yourself like exercising and eating healthy.

2.  Positive people don’t say “if only”

They know that “if only” is not the solution to problems.  “If only” is another way of making an excuse. Instead, they think in terms of where they want to go next and how to get there.  This kind of “thinking power” leads to making a plan and taking action.  They see a project through and stay focused.

Positive people are optimistic and staying focused on their goals leads to positive thinking. Instead of saying “no” they choose to say “let’s go!” This kind of positive self-talk turns into action. They can visualize a successful outcome.

3. Positive people serve others

Fulfilled people provide service to others with their time or talents.  In many ways, that comes back to them even though it’s not the reason why they are serving in the first place.  

Service to others creates a positive energy. It creates contagious smiles and better outlooks on life. Service to others can take many forms. It may be volunteering, helping or just taking an extra minute to listen.

4.  Positive people don’t keep up with the Joneses

People who live fulfilled lives don’t really care about what the Joneses are wearing or driving.  They are content with their choices, which are not based on someone else’s opinion.  They are content with something that’s working just fine instead of being consumed by the latest and greatest. They choose to be happy with what they have instead of unhappy about what they don’t have.

They choose contentment over consumption.

5.  Positive people see obstacles as opportunities

When problems come their way (and they do), fulfilled people see them as opportunities to learn and improve.  Their mindset allows them to focus on solutions and stay positive because they know it’s ultimately going to work out one way or another.  

When positive people find themselves in the middle of adversity and stressful situations they find healthy ways to cope and overcome setbacks.

These characteristics lend themselves to better physical health, better attitudes, resilience and enthusiasm.


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