Taco Soup Recipe: How to Make an Easy Crockpot Soup

easy crockpot taco soup
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Cooking is not my strong suit.  I only enjoy two types of cooking.

1The kind where you can toss a few things into a crock pot and it cooks itself.

2-The kind where you have 4-5 recipes that you’ve mastered and you fix those consistently.

Years ago, I came across a recipe that met both criteria.  Oh, Happy Day!  If I’m sharing a recipe here (a rare event), you’ll know it is simple, cheap, and tasty- win, win, win!

A few more bonuses of this recipe:

*If you double it, it makes what my grandmother calls a “wash pot” (aka A LOT) of soup for a big gathering, or enough for like a Duggar taco soup size family.

*Freeze it!!!  Make a wash pot, freeze several servings, and then pull it out all winter long.  Time saver!

*All kinds of variations work for different tastes- different beans, regular or mild seasonings… and we’ve substituted chicken for the ground beef on occasion too.

*It’s a meal in itself, no sides needed.

Friends, if you haven’t tried taco soup, you are missing out!  

taco soup recipe





Some people call it 5 can taco soup, 8 can taco soup or chili taco soup and you’ll find some variations, but they are all simple and easy.  It’s our family’s go-to recipe!   



Taco Soup

1- brown and drained ground beef

1- can kidney beans (we use two black beans)

1- can black beans

1 or 2- cans of whole kernel corn 

2- cans rotel diced tomatoes with mild chilies

1- pack of ranch dressing seasoning

1- pack of taco seasoning

Additional, serve with:

Tortilla chips or corn chips

Shredded cheese

Sour cream


This is my absolute favorite part to say- Dump everything listed above (no draining, except the meat) into the crock pot! Cook on high 2-3 hours or low 5-6 hours.

Serve with the tortilla chips or corn chips, shredded cheese and sour cream. Jalapeños if you’re a fan of hot and spicy. 

I’ve never tried the Paula Deen taco soup recipe, but it gets great reviews.  Basically, she adds onions, olives and uses diced tomatoes with a separate can of green chiles… but rotel combines the two so that works too.  

What is your family’s simple and easy go-to recipe?  




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