Under the Kitchen Sink Organizer & Storage Ideas

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Our kitchen sink became clogged recently so we had to take apart the drain pipes to fix it. 

Talk about gross.

While everything was pulled out, I saw an opportunity to organize under the kitchen sink.  

Because this project started from an emergency repair, I do not have a [before] picture.  It was pretty much a white caddy with some cleaning supplies, a box of trash bags, dish detergent pods, a few vases and an assortment of cleaning cloths. 

.     .     .

Under the Kitchen Sink

Under the kitchen sink quickly becomes a cluttered catch all spot before you know it.

I added two new organizers (the stackable cube storage bins) for dish detergent pods and dish cloths. I moved things around for better storage of frequently used items kept under the kitchen sink. 

 Here’s how it turned out!

Under the Kitchen Sink Organizer


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Items organized under the kitchen sink

I spent $15 improving the space for better storage and organization.  It was spent on a plastic table cloth, a roll of clear vinyl and two new storage bins.   

Under the Kitchen Sink Organizing  

First, I spread out a cheap ($1) striped plastic table cloth on the bottom of the cabinet. A roll of wrapping paper would have worked too.  I had to cut out a rectangular area for those pesky pipes. Next I used a clear vinyl roll ($5) over the table cloth.  I like having this in place to manage any cleaning product spills or leaks. 

Items organized under the sink 

After I tossed some expired products and decluttered, I rearranged the space in the order of things we use the most (trash bags, dish detergent pods) in the front to the items used least frequently (extra baking soda, pot scrubbers) in the back.  

In the back corner under the sink is a white wire shelf that we used to have in the RV.  I added that to hold extra baking soda, dishwasher rinse and swiffer refills.     

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Our trash bags are in a round plastic container that we used to use to store coffee before switching to a Keurig.  In putting this post together, I realized we can also cut a hole in the lid and use it like a dispenser!  

I kept one small square vase and repurposed it to hold sponges.  The two new cube organizer bins ($8) worked perfect to hold dish detergent pods and dish cloths.  (This is the same product on Amazon, but they are much cheaper if you have a Dollar General in your area.) I like having the pods in a container that’s easily wiped clean should one of them bust open and make a mess.  

Items stored under the kitchen sink


On the left side under the sink is my favorite cleaning product– vinegar, a caddy that holds a few more cleaning products and some dish towels in a storage container.   

My mother in law keeps a small trash can under her kitchen sink for quick clean-ups.  Our trash can is in the center of the kitchen so I don’t really need to use the space for that, but it works out great under her kitchen sink.  

I have a few items on small hooks on the door… a fly swatter, cleaning gloves, a scrubber and a dish cloth.  This keeps those things easy to find and accessible.  (The long white hook is from our baby-proofing days and we just haven’t taken the time to remove them yet.) 

Cleaning products under the sink


Once I had everything neatly in place, I labeled the bins with some chalkboard labels.

Chalkboard labels for kitchen organization

These are affordable, reusable, waterproof and simple to use… I have started putting them everywhere!  It’s a frugal way of labeling for those who don’t own a Cricut.  (Or maybe it’s just my inner teacher getting to write with chalk again… either way, these are great!) 

Next up this summer is revamping the kitchen drawers, spices, dishes and pots/pans! 

If you want to be notified when those projects are complete, this is a special sign-up for those who enjoy making over a space.  Exclusive content for my fellow organizing enthusiasts  😉 


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