Top 10 Best Book Series for 2-3 Year Olds

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Well, it’s a bittersweet time around here as far as books are concerned. 

Our son is no longer interested in the series of books that we spent hours upon hours reading when he was a toddler.  It tugs on my heart to get ready to close the chapter on so many characters and places we grew to love.  

If you have a toddler obsessed with books, chances are many of these are on the list! In fact, as your toddler gets interested in reading, these books will keep them engaged and often become preferred over toys! 

As we get ready to find new homes for (most of) our book series collections and pass them along to other sweet little curious minds, I’m going to share the best ones here. 

It seems fitting to write about them and give credit where it’s due before we make room on the shelves for chapter books and different adventures. 

In no particular order as they were all our favorites and special, here are the top 10 best book series for 2-3 year olds that will create memories to last a lifetime. 

Book Series for Children Ages 2 - 3


Duck & Goose

These two characters are a true definition of friendship.  They explore together, learn together, and play together with fun discoveries along the way. 

One of our favorites among the series was “Duck & Goose, Goose Needs a Hug” where Duck tries to guess what Goose needs and discovers he really just needed a hug. 

After reading this over and over, I could come home from work and say to my little guy “I just need…” and he would run into my arms and finish with “a hug.”  Hands-down, highlight of my day!


Dr. Seuss

These books became more interesting from age 3 into preschool when some of the daycare activities were focused on Dr. Seuss. 

Of course, there’s the classic Green Eggs & Ham.  One day after reading the book, our son had his mind made up that we would make them and mom and dad would eat them (he is a very picky eater even when it’s not green). 

Green eggs and ham

We ended up with Green Eggs & (Spam) that day for supper.  Not quite sure my husband and I agree with Sam I Am, but we sure did love all the smiles and giggles that evening.   

Thomas the Train

The books and the cartoons are equally wonderful.  Thomas gets into quite a lot of messes but he learns a lot in the process. 

These books were great for both the love of reading and trains. 

Thomas the Train Costume

My son was given this series as an 8 book gift set with an electronic reader. The Thomas the Train books are also a lot of fun in the interactive push for sound hardbacks. 


Eric Carle 

We were stuck on Brown Bear, Brown Bear for months!  I can understand why.  The rhymes, patterns and predictability make this book perfect for young children.  This is one that will have to hold on to as a keepsake. 

Another favorite was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, great for teaching counting and the life cycle of a butterfly. 

If you already have a child who loves this book, an awesome gift we received was the Very Hungry Caterpillar floor puzzle. 


Elephant & Piggie

Cute, cute characters and stories!  Our favorite was I Really Like Slop, but they were all so good for enjoying a peek of conversation between Gerald the Elephant and Piggie the Pig. 

These books feel like listening in on a talk between two friends and the things they say are perfect for engaging little minds. The illustrations are adorable. 


Curious George

Confession.  We would no doubt fail any pediatric recommendation about screen time based on how many cartoon episodes (and movies) we’ve watched of Curious George alone.  Seriously one day my husband and I went back and forth about how Chef Pisghetti’s restaurant would fail a health inspection, whether or not the Man in the Yellow Hat actually had a job and if Professor Wiseman was his girlfriend. 

This is what sleep deprivation and too much Curious George will do! 

Obviously, we love George and his crazy adventures.  There are tons of books in the series that range from the touch and feel hardbacks for babies to the story collections that are for young kids.  One that stands out as a favorite in our collection is Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

I brought home a box of chocolates to make a connection to the story and we spent hours talking about each flavor and shape in the box.  The chocolate factory story will stay as a keepsake but I hope the others we pass on will be enjoyed as much as they were in our home. 


Lift the Flap Books

This not a particular series but all of these were a hit when our child was young.  We had a bunch of them because I would tell family who asked that any “lift the flap” book would be a gift idea.  We could put these in the car and in the RV for interactive learning. 

One that stands out was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Trip. These are great books for 2-3 year old hands and minds! 

Lift the Flap Books


Gossie and Friends

These series revolve around 8 gosling friends who find ways to have fun even though they are all so different.  Like the story of Jasper & Joop, where one likes to be tidy and the other likes to be messy.  They find ways to get along despite their differences.  The illustrations are just right for capturing the creative spirt of 2 and 3 year olds! 


No David

These books make for some great talks, especially since the main character has a double dose of imaginative spirit and stubborn strong will.  I read these books and empathize with the mother lol. The illustrations make the book if not moreso than the text! 

We used to read this book and my son knew the page was coming up when David runs streaking down the road with his mother chasing him to put on his pants. Never failed to bring a laugh from my child while I was shaking my head and pretending to scold David. 


Pete the Cat

This is another series that was more interesting to our son once he started pre-school and I can see why teachers love them. They are great for emergent readers with simple sentences and great illustrations.  Who doesn’t love a blue cat with big golden eyes


You can’t go wrong giving any books in these series as gifts or asking for them when friends and families ask for ideas.  They bring memorable characters, sweet stories and lots of smiles into your home and heart. They are no doubt a top 10 best book series for 2-3 year olds! 

Top 10 Book Series for Toddlers


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