Must Have Home Organization Products Under $20

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If you know someone who loves to organize, any of these home organization tools would be a hit!  

Most of them are very affordable in the $10-20 range.  They are products I use frequently and recommend to others. They are some of the best organization gifts for simple organizing at home or work. 

All of these help simplify and organize= a win-win

Inexpensive home organization ideas:

1. OXO Good Grips Big Square Container 

OXO containers are awesome!  They keep opened packs of crackers or cereal fresh and they look neat too.  They come in all different sizes.

The inside can be wiped down easily. The lids twist apart for easy cleaning too. 

I think of these not only as an organizing tool, but as a money saver because foods last longer and stay fresher.

How many times does someone leave a pack of crackers open and they soon get a stale taste? Keeping crackers in these containers solves that problem!

Below is one of the ways I use OXO containers in our pantry to help keep it organized.

They are so handy!       

pantry organization makeover on a $20 budget

2. Label Maker 

Remember when label makers were a dial and you had to click every single letter? I just dated myself but I have long been a fan of using stick on labels.

Old school label maker

Label makers have become a little more modern these days and they are great to have for all kinds of projects! 

My favorite budget friendly label maker is the tried and true Dymo label maker.

These labels are great to use on containers, shelving and just about anything. I’ve even used them in the fridge and they have held up great! 

Dymo labels are especially useful for labeling storage containers and plastic bins when you need something quick.

3. Sharpies 

Sharpies are to the person who loves to organize like chocolate to the chocolate lover.  

They are useful in all kinds of situations such as labeling and list making.  

The sharpie minis that include a keychain have been a lifesaver at work too. They are small and light enough to clip on to my ID badge reel.

One lasts a long time and they don’t dry out. 

4. An Organizing Tote 

A sturdy tote with dividers can be used for all kinds of organizing projects in the home, car, or office.  

I have a couple of Thirty One totes. We use one in the office and another in the RV. Thirty One organizing totes are in the $25-75 price range so they don’t fall under $20, but they are durable and come in patterns that also work well as home decor. 

A cheaper alternative that looks like a great option would be something like this all purpose utility tote bag. These are great for car organization, especially for families with kids who play sports. Helps to keep balls and other sports equipment from rolling around!

5. A decorative basket

Decorative baskets blend in with other decor and can be used for all kinds of organizing purposes. 

A few ideas for using baskets as an organization tool could be: 

  • Magazines or Books
  • Watches or glasses  
  • Remotes
  • Toys
  • DVD’s
  • Electronic devices
  • Snacks
  • Fruit
  • Linens

They help give everything a home and that’s always helpful on a mission to organize!

If you have a Goodwill store in your area, there is always a row of baskets… you can find them in all sizes and in great condition for less than $5.00!

Row of baskets in thrift store

Best organizer notebook: 

6. A Customizable Notebook System

I was at a conference once when I was watching (okay, maybe slightly stalking) a lady who pulled a piece of paper out of her notebook and then put it back in without opening any rings!  

When we got a break, I asked her to show me her notebook.  She said she it was a Levenger system and she couldn’t live without it.  

I did my own research and found the Staples version called Arc for about half the price of the Levenger. It works just the same and now I have others asking me where I got this notebook.  

Even with all of the tech options, I like having a go-to notebook for certain situations and the customizable system is great! No more rings that are a pain to open and close! 

7.  Desk set

There are all kinds of uses and places for a desk set from sorting paperwork to organizing the home office. It’s a classic organizing product for all ages and purposes! 

They are practical for saving space and also make good gifts. 

One organization hack with a desk set is to use it as a place to hold electronic devices and chargers. 

8.  A clear fridge bin 

A clear fridge bin saves time from cleaning up potential spill disasters and sanity for keeping things organized in the fridge.   

They work just as great holding lotions and sprays in the bathroom. 

We also use a few of these in the RV to keep things from sliding around.  These offer a great way to give someone a gift of their favorite snacks or candy. 

9.  These gel pens

Try them.  Trust me.  You will have a new favorite pen! 

No smudging, smooth writing every time. A good pen is one of those small things that makes for a better day:]  

A close runner-up to this pen are the erasable FriXion Pens by Pilot. These come in assorted colors and really do write well and erase easily. You can find these online and they also sell them at Target. 

10.  A hanging file system 

I use a mesh steel desktop hanging file holder.  Some colored folders would make it complete!  

I use this to sort some of the paperwork that we need for taxes, and to keep end of year statements since we now opt out of most paper statements. 

It’s durable and makes it easy to find important documents when we need them.

I have one more organizational product that we can’t live without! It’s a dry erase magnetic calendar on our fridge. I fill it out at the beginning of each month and snap a picture at the end. Helps our family keep up with each month at a glance. 


Have any of these home organization products been helpful to you? Anything else I need to add here? 

I’m always on the lookout for organizational tools that are budget friendly and help save time and space! 

*Updated to add this binder for home management tasks that I use so much I wrote an entire post about it! 


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